Who helps you thrive?


Emotion, in the heat of things is so very raw.
Anger is heavy, explosive and searing, anxiety is hollow, cold and far too quiet. Happiness is lightweight, warm and contagious. Sadness is slow, burdensome and painful. Want is burning, motivating and consuming. Fear is irrational, deceitful and isolating.

Emotion is meant to be shared, celebrated, off loaded, cherished, endured, digested and conquered.

When learning to be humble over the past year, I have felt all of these things. There are times where I wish I didn't have to feel all the feels. An amazing person reminded me lately that it's ok to feel. Without the feels we wouldn't process the reward of our labors, trials and successes.

Thats where community comes in. I have thrown around that word so many times and I wanted to define more of this "thing" that carries me daily.

My community is my family, 1700 and then some miles away. There are 8 of us who share a group text together, and it seriously gives me so much joy that technology can connect us in an instant.

My community is my friends who come in all shapes and sizes, and walks of life.
//They are the friends I have held onto over the decades, who even though we haven't chatted regularly, the relationship remains unchanged.
//They are the friends I have met through our amazing church here in New York. These women (and men) have changed my life in so many more ways than I could have ever hoped for. They have been the most important part of my spiritual growth.
//They are friends who I have met at work and literally worked in the trenches with. There is something about the nursing community that brings a group of, albeit crazy, individuals together.

My community is found right here in this space, in the honesty and devotion of your comments, your texts, tweets, snapchats etc. They are my fuel and what I'm trying to say is thank you! I finally met a blog friend for the first time in real life after knowing each other for about 2.5 years...yes gasp! Because its a friendship that grew out of commonalities, it will be one that lasts forever, and I can't wait to tell you more about it!

Who is your community and do they help you thrive? If not, are they truly community?

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  1. You're so right, community is oh so important! I'm so happy that you have such an amazing community to turn to no matter which emotion is weighing on you.

  2. Community is EVERYTHING. I can relate to community created across the miles: all my friends are back in California and in other random states, and a lot of us are on a group text and it brings me so much joy to feel like I'm a part of their lives, in just one instant. I'm glad you have such a tight-knit community around you....

  3. Of course I love this post and I am so thankful to have met you as if I already haven't told you enough haha
    I'm starting to think about driving an hour for church because I long for that community!!