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Welcome back to Floral + Friday 

One of my favorite designs in the flower crown. Whether its for bridal, maternity or sweet baby girl pictures, I'm a fan of making anyone feel like a princess!

This is a very simple and introductory crown that you can easily make. All of these flowers you seen in the crown, have been introduced previously. This simple head piece makes a beautiful statement for the special events in your life.

Look for a flower crown DIY coming your way soon!

Included in this crown:
|| Ranunculus
|| Ruscus
|| Waxflower
|| Fresia

What do you think?

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  1. I love flower crowns, and I will find a reason to wear one in my life...somehow. also...do you take requests for inspiration? I have a nice, long windowbox on the front of our house, and I would love some ideas for styling a winter windowbox arrangement (birch/evergreens/etc.).

  2. One day I'll have a reason to make a flower crown and you will do the honor of making it for me. (Bridal shower anyone? IF THAT DAY EVER COMES)

  3. RANUNCULUS. those are my love language.

    but can i just be honest? i feel so silly and stupid in flower crowns. i think maybe because i was a lifelong tomboy until i turned 18 and learned how to wear a dress like a big girl... but those tom boy roots run DEEP and so i feel foolish like a tinkerbell-fairy with flowers on my head. ugh, old habits die SO HARD.