Year three


Dear Joseph,

Today marks three years from the day we said "I do". I look forward to writing these letters to you year after year.

I always remember flipping through the pages of my parents wedding album, with mom in the background saying "gosh we were so young". I guess I never knew quite what she meant until this year. Sure, my parents looked young and refreshed in their album, but I didn't know she wasn't commenting on their age in years, but on the relationship as well.

Little did I know that November 3, 2012 was truly the youngest you and I would ever be together. What I had sometimes heard as the "best of times" were nothing compared to you and I now. In these three short years I have learned that the covenant of marriage isn't one that is conditional.

There are moments where my incessant singing (you like it) and attempt to control all things the universe has designed could probably prove difficult to "wrangle", but those easily dissolve as we lay on the couch trying to decipher what this worlds holds for you and I.

In the past year we have rejoiced in the positives, held each other close through the uncertainties, and prayed hard for the future to come. We have stuck together in so many more ways than we ever have before. Life no longer happens without you, and no I'm not being mushy, but instead honest and saying my routine isn't routine without you. This year I learned that my happiness isn't something that is left heavy and burdensome on your shoulders.
Instead I have learned that as a unit, with the big man in the middle, we can conquer anything.

I hope you always tell me you think I'm beautiful while wearing my glasses and my hair is a downright hot mess. I hope you always pull me in close to that perfect fitting spot on your chest when I need a good hug. I hope you always laugh at my voices, and I hope you never grow tire of flirting with each other.

This year proves that the covenant of marriage isn't one that is conditional and you prove that to me daily with your patience, grace and snide comments like "hah I'm not going ANYWHERE". You are my foundation, one that is strong, resilient and always warm. Your love and our marriage is unconditional, and one that we know is only possible with God in the center.


Mrs Aslan

P.S. Joe had the greatest of anniversary surprises, but of course I have already ruined it! Stay tuned for that...oops!


  1. What a beautiful testament to year three. Y'all have really learned a lot and have grown so much in this third year of marriage and it's so amazing to witness (via the internet anyway...). Thank you for sharing, and I hope he just LOVES these letters every year, because I sure do. Haha. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY YOU TWO LOVE BIRDS!! And way to go ruining the surprise...haha. I hope it's a good one, though!

  2. this is so sweet, happy anniversary! hah, I love the oops at the end! my husband is notorious for ruining surprises that i plan, but i am so easily fooled. hope it's wonderful!