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If we were sharing coffee... I would let you know that in the past few weeks I have had quite the urge to return to this space. And then I'd explain to you, that I typically turn to this space to walk through an emotion or event that I'm currently trying to digest. It's not the fact that it's public, but that it is a history book of sorts where I can look back to truly prove all of His workings in my life. It just so happens that it's public. The ease back into this space was spurred by the loveliest of ladies Amber and Ashten

If we were having coffee together... I would tell you my new go to drink is an iced "dirty chai latte". Chai Tea latte with a shot...or three of espresso. YUM.

If we were sharing coffee....I would show you pictures like a proud new momma of our new home, and cute little family of four. I would also clarify and tell you the other half of the Aslan clan is made up of the four legged variety.

If we were having coffee...I would let you know that I'm really struggling with comparison. I would vent that it is a thief of confidence, contentment and faith. I would also share with you that social media really aggravates this sinful tendency of mine, so much that I just wish I had the will power to separate myself from it to really appreciate who I am, not who I wish I could be. I would also let you know I get super worked up about it lately...so we would probably stop there.

If we were chatting over coffee... I would love to hear more about you and probably dodge questions about me. Things remain above water lately, and most days I don't feel like talking about them. Have you ever felt that way? Not in a "it's none of your business way",  just tired of talking about the updates in life because it can be so long winded.

If we were enjoying coffee together... I would want to know if you have any great summer plans. I would also tell you how alarming it is to me, that next week ends the month of June. Where does the time go?

If we were chatting over coffee... I would ask you to help motivate me to get back into a healthy eating and exercise routine. I never realized how easy it was to hide behind the warm clothes in NY. Seeing as we were generally in long pants by the end of each night, even in summer, this whole shorts all day, every day is really showing me where I shoved those extra pounds.

And now I'm craving coffee...and time with amazing community like yourself!

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  1. Besides the fact that my blog writing has gone down hill my blog reading has sucked too and I'm just reading this now!!
    Please start blogging again and I promise I'll come join! xo